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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Special Requests Wanted!

Do you know someone that has a need for a particular item(s)? 

We WANT to know!!!!
All for 1:

This is an ongoing effort throughout the year.  Requests this year that have been filled including:
  • a college athlete helping students new to the sport prepare for tryouts
  • 2 photo/printer/scanners/copiers for two new teachers w/ink
  • craft & writing supplies to stock a literacy center at a local non-profit preschool
  • TV w/DVD player for a family learning English as a second language
  • car top carrier for a military family preparing to move
  • daybed for seating/sleeping by a family with limited space
  • new boxer shorts* (purchased at a great clearance) to fulfill a school social worker's request for her student

*new items such as socks and underwear are high request/high need in our area.  Please consider purchasing them for our cause if you happen to run into a great buy :)

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